Training Opportunities and Disaster Drills

Over the past few years, many people have asked me for useful English-language resources related to natural disasters in Japan.

So here they are (if you have any suggestions or additions, I would be happy to hear from you!):


1. Household Disaster Preparedness Workshop – Peace Boat, a nongovernmental organisation based in Japan, offers specialised 2-hour workshops for individuals, companies, embassies, community groups and other organisations in English. Please see their website and brochure for more information.

2. Wilderness Medical Training – Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA) offer a variety of training courses, ranging from 2-day Wilderness First Aid training to 5-day Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician training. This is mostly done in Japanese, but I have seen them advertising courses in English before. Please see their website for more details.

3. Life-Saving Training (CPR/AED/Basic First Aid) – Advanced Life-Saving Certification Training (上級救命講習 – jyoukyuu kyuumei koushu) is run by many Fire Departments. In Tokyo, it costs 2,600 yen and lasts 8 hours, mainly covering CPR, AED usage, and basic first aid skills. As far as I am aware, these are only conducted in Japanese, aside from on very special occasions (E.g. I interpreted for a basic life-saving training course during Disaster Prevention Week in Tokyo). For those in Tokyo, please see this website for more details. If you are outside of Tokyo, please ask your local government office or Fire Department.

4. Medic First Aid Training:

5. Japan Basic Life Support Association

6. Tokyo CPR & First Aid

7. Red Cross

Disaster Drills

Tokyo Metropolitan Government English-language Disaster Prevention Drill

Sugnami Ward “Welcome Party”


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